Jiaozi at Handmade Dumpling

This Chinese dumpling (jiaozi) stall is part of a family run mini-chain that specializes in hand made frozen dumplings. According to the proprietor (who speaks not a word of English), their first shop opened in 1946 in South Korea. You can also get the dumplings cooked to order –  boiled (shuijiao) or pan fried (goutie – better known as pot-sticker).

The dumplings here are smaller and have less filling than the usual jiaozi. It has a thin skin which is rolled out of an old machine similar to a pasta maker. The fillings are hand-formed with a light touch giving it a fluffy texture.

Their dumplings are also lighter than the typical Northern Chinese kind which can be doughy and heavy. Stylistically, the dumplings here are similar to Japanese-style gyoza (whose etymological root, incidentally, is the word jiaozi). I can eat a dozen of these things.

On the day I took these pictures, we ordered two kinds of potstickers, vegetable and pork. They were nicely fried and exhibited a lacey caramelized web (my favourite part). A side dish of black vinegar and some free tea served cool completes this meal.

Hand Made Dumpling Stall
President Plaza Foodcourt
8181 Cambie Road
Richmond, BC

Handmade Dumpling at President’s Plaza in Richmond, BC

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  1. Ryan - March 6, 2011, 10:44 am

    How did they compare to the other jiaozi in the city? My favorite right now are the jiaozi at the Pacific Plaza food court in Richmond. No English menu to speak of but some pictures and freshly made to order. If you make it to that part of Richmond check them out. Also heard there is a new place called Yummy dumplings that just opened.

  2. Fmed - March 6, 2011, 4:49 pm

    The dumpling place at Pacific Plaza is the subject of a future post. Thanks for the intel pn Yummy. I have to make sure to check it out.

    A few of us were discussing dumplings here vs other purveyors – namely Gah Lok. A couple preferred Gah Lok’s style. I prefer this lighter style.

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