Afra Market and Bakery

[I'm trying something new here. I'll be posting pictorials of various interesting stores around town. I'll focus on grocery stores with "ethnic" inventories, but I may also cover tools, kitchen equipment, and similar food related purveyors.]

Afra Bakery | Wise Monkeys Grocery Guru 12

Afra Bakery and Market on Pemberton Rd is well outside North Vancouver’s “Little Tehran” on Lonsdale and around 13th, but I think it is well worth the detour. Their massive sangak “pebble” oven operates continuously throughout the day baking giant bedsheet sized flatbreads. You are nearly guaranteed to get a fresh-baked one if you navigate yourself to the very back of the store and through the door to the bake shop.

Stock up the Mediterranean shelf in your pantry here. While you are here stocking up, pick up their tart lemon-juice pistachios, and various nuts and dried fruit. My kids like the long black sunflower seeds (which they like to call “eagle claws” for reasons that will be obvious when you see them).
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  1. GoaGirl - April 26, 2013, 1:17 pm

    Looking forward to this series of posts….!!

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